Dear Seafarers:
The PDB (Bayona Sports Marina) has since 2003 managed facilities located in a privileged spot, in the very heart of the historical town centre of the Royal Village of Bayona, nestled in the Rias Bajas- (Low Lying Bays), surrounded by the enchanting Galician Atlantic Islands National Park). The PDB is a splendid point of welcome, pleasure and comfort for all those who have the privilege to stop over. Bayona has an ancient and mystical charm inherited from its ancestors.
The PDB (Bayona Sports Marina) boasts splendid conditions for sailing and it is an essential stop-over for any pleasure boat half way to Portugal, the Mediterranean, the Canaries or the Caribbean Sea. For this very reason we have 370 mooring points for vessels of up to 40 m in length, equipped with all the services that any seafarer may require.
Bayona has mild weather with all year round pleasant temperatures that allows one to enjoy this privileged coast in any season.

The PDB does not compromise on service but instead offers first class facilities to all guests essential to make their visit unforgettable, in a town with intense seafaring roots, rich folklore and outstanding ecological and cultural inheritance inhabited by a people who are proud of their two thousand year history and confirmation of its place as a contemporaneous and future paradise while incorporating an ambitious project for the 21st. century, in harmony with the environment and new technology.


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All these qualities make the PDB one of the finest and most modern sports harbour’s on the Iberian peninsula’s Atlantic coast, where we wait to welcome you and your craft .

Last but not least, we would like to thank our global family of visitors and seafarers whose patronage of PDB has inevitably catalysed the impending development of this harbour. Please accept our sincere gratitude and we cordially await your return.

Avenida Monterreal s/n 36300 Baiona Pontevedra Tel: 986 38 51 07 Fax: 986 35 64 89

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